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Welcome to Preen Magazine! My name is Hannah Farrell and this is a collection of young artist around the Fox Valley in Wisconsin. This includes writings, poems, drawings, music and more. The first issue is out now and coming soon is the book! For now please enjoy the first look at preen magazine!

Cup of Tea

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By:Hannah Farrell


I have always really liked art. I feel like I have tried out a lot of forms of art to find what makes me the happiest. With my magazine I feel the most confident, content, excited, and fulfilled that I have ever in my life when it comes to what I want to make of my life. I truly think that this is what I am destined to do and to make. I start with my vision and establish what I have been thinking to make. Then I contact people that I meet around. It is always up to the artist what they want to make for my magazine. I have some ideas sometimes but really it's up to them. I want the artist to be able to be them. Present something they're proud of and something that speaks to them.


I think if something speaks to you, you can offer a new perspective to someone else. A lot of kids my age like my magazine. Interesting enough I have found more adults as well like it and can appreciate it. My over arching goal of all of this is branch out myself and others to something different. Something that makes you think. To connect our young community through art in our media and also making our media a positive outlet for creative minds like these.

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